With the growing need for customer support in a global workspace, demand is on the rise for remote support solutions. Ricoh has thus introduced RemoteConnect Support with the aim of improving response time and providing better customer satisfaction.

What is RemoteConnect Support?

RemoteConnect Support allows a customer support operator to remotely connect with a client’s MFP/Printer device via the Internet using the second-generation Smart Operation Panel. This function enables the support center to diagnose and resolve issues by real-time screen sharing, remote guidance and operation, thereby dramatically reducing the need for field engineer visits.

Detailed information

Case studies

Call center helps with real-time screen sharing and remote device operation.


A customer wanted to know if the automatic toner refill/order feature had been activated on their MFP because they didn’t receive a new toner cartridge when they thought one should have come.


The operator could see that the toner refill/order feature was activated on the customer’s MFP. The customer was informed that a new order hadn’t been made because the toner level was still at almost 60%.


A customer sent a print job of 10 pages but only a single page was printed. No error message was provided.